At Mork & Partners we are not only assisting creative companies. We are also involved in other startups and initiate our own events and networks.


Peter Mørk, together with architect and TV host Ane Cortzen, initiated Arka, the world’s first international video-based platform dedicated to discussing and displaying architecture for everybody, in ways that engages people. As everything around us is influenced by architecture, Arka aims to make it accessible to everyone, emphasizing its vibrant essence and sensitivity.

Want to know more? Visit Arka’s website & Instagram 

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Together with Lene and Thomas Wiberg, Peter also initiated DDCATED, the largest DesignHub in Copenhagen taking place every year during 3 Days of Design. Set to celebrate a diverse array of companies, this Design event features an exciting mix of stunning contemporary designs at one of Denmark’s most unique location, the museum of Lapadarium of Kings in the heart of Copenhagen.

Get all the details about the event on DDCATED’s website.

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Mork & Partners is also involved in Food, Fire and Thoughts, together with Nikolaj Sveistrup. Food, Fire and Thoughts is an innovative concept consisting of company meetings taking place around a bonfire. We believe that magic happens when you are in nature. When you sit and look into the fire and listen to it crackle, you can get the feeling that there is nothing more important than being present right here and now – letting your big thoughts fly, gaining new perspectives and having a deeper conversation than usual. Food, Fire and Thoughts is an initiative built on passion. Passion for the fire, for the food and for the conversation between people who have something to say.

Learn more about this innovative initiative here

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Together with Helen & Hard and Bloxhub, Mork & Partners is hosting the Wood Network. Bringing different stakeholders from the wood industry together, this initiative aims to emphasize the importance of wood, its advantages and how it can make a difference in architecture. The Wood Network’s events take place several times a year and aim to discuss different aspects of wood constructions.