Mork & Partners is a tight-knit team based in Copenhagen.We are dedicated to understanding our clients and working with them in close partnerships also in the implementation phase. Creative industries is our passion. We have grown up in the crossover between culture, creativity and business. This is why we understand and interpret them as one of the only advisors. 

Peter Mørk – CEO

Kontakt - Peter Mørk

Peter Mørk is an accomplished international business strategist with 25+ years of experience. He fosters partnerships, drives business development, and delivers results across industries. In architecture, design, and building, Peter has led delegations, curated exhibitions, and championed Danish design globally. He established RISING Architecture Week and co-founded Trends & Tradition, a major industry event as well as TEDXCopenhagen and CoolDenmark. With an MBA and background as Consul General, Peter has advised over 300 international companies ad is dedicated to transform creative firms into successful enterprises.

Isabella Sahl Nielsen – Business Developer


Isabella Sahl Nielsen is Mork & Partner’s business developer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Design culture and Economics from SDU, as well as a master’s degree in Creative Business Process Management from CBS. Through her education, Isabella has developed a unique set of skills that enable her to bridge the gap between design and business, bringing a creative approach to problem-solving. Her expertise in design thinking and business strategy allows her to develop solutions that meet the needs of both clients and stakeholders. Isabella specializes in design and architecture.

Clara Sibony – Communication Assistant


Clara Sibony is a Student Assistant at Mork & Partners. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in European Political Science from ESPOL Lille and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Media and Communication at Roskilde University. Clara assists Mork & Partners with various communication tasks, including social media management and article writing.