Creative companies are among the main contributors to the future of the world economy, directly and indirectly. While playing an important role in internationalization and fostering valuable synergies across various sectors, they often face challenges when it comes to their own strategy and commercialization.

Mork & Partners strongly believes in the innovative spirit of creative companies. Our mission is to embrace this creativity by offering support and structure to turn ideas into concrete projects. Through its extensive network, its international experience and its solid industry insight, our company has specialized in helping e.g. architectural, urban and design companies with business development in the Nordics and abroad. 

Mork & Partners actively engages in the meticulous planning and coordination of diverse promotional activities, including Denmark’s first architecture week, Royal visits, and Denmark’s first industry association for culture and business. We foster targeted relationships to enhance our clients’ reach on all levels. This includes strategic connections with embassies and national organizations, focusing on highlighting specific sectors like architecture or urbanism. 

Additionally, we also take initiative in planning our own activities, both nationally and internationally. This involves collaborative export activities, the establishment of networks, and the organization of impactful debates and conferences.