At Mork & Partners, we are not just advisors, we cultivate the vision of creative companies. This means creating innovative approaches to guide our clients not only from the inception of their strategic development but also throughout the execution of marketing, communication and sales.  We aim to unlock their complete potential at every step, ensuring a comprehensive and effective journey for our clients.

To achieve this mission, we specialize in crafting innovative settings and collaborative work environments that inspire and elevate creative companies. By stepping outside the ordinary, we actively involve both management and a diverse array of employees, uncovering untapped possibilities and bringing companies visions to vibrant realization.

We firmly believe that shaping the business strategy of creative companies is a nuanced, long-term journey that involves crafting and implementing specific, finely elaborated objectives for sustained success. In aiding creative companies on this transformative path, our focus is primarily centered on two key segments: sales strategy and marketing and communication strategies.