Developing a successful business strategy hinges on a clearly defined target market. Initially, the process involves capturing client interests and comprehending their desired reach, encompassing national, regional, or international scales. Once overall objectives are established, the focus transitions to facilitating their achievement through the construction of relevant networks.


Marketing and communication are integral components of a company’s business strategy. Developing a well-defined target market necessitates a comprehensive marketing and communication strategy. Following target definition, a crucial step involves understanding the client’s desired market positioning and anticipating the potential impact on their image.

Our goal at Mork & Partners is to identify the right tools for our clients and define their potential presence, both physically and virtually. Deliberations on media presence and communication processes are central objectives for us in this regard.


Partnerships and networks are pivotal for business expansion. Mork & Partners takes pride in initiating a large number of actions in the Nordics and beyond, maintaining a comprehensive international network. We actively nurture this network daily to foster involvement and foster collaborations ensuring wins for all parties involved.